Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Applying iPad Technology IN THE KITCHEN

Over the weekend, I was taking a little timeout on Netflix to watch a delightfully bad scifi movie on the family iPad. I suddenly realized it was time to prepare that meal I had promised.

I wandered into the kitchen clutching the device under my arm and grasped that I was entering new iPad territory - literally! How does the iPad fit into the kitchen? "Good question!", I mused.
"And a good idea for a post!".

There were several issues to consider including: Why an iPad in the kitchen?

Well, I was not finished with my movie and it was time to prep then cook. I don't have any media in my kitchen and taking the iPad with me offered music, radio, television, movies and of course access to that online recipe I was going to use.

But an iPad in the kitchen? With water, grease spatters, and all manner of sticky organic material? Maybe not.

Just then, my wife wandered in and pointed out that we had the same problem with our beloved collection of cooking books. Why not use the same solution?

Of course! There are many cookbook stands that combine a nice adjustable angled stand with an acrylic cover to protect the book. This is a perfect solution for the iPad in the kitchen.

You can find these stands for as little as $20.00 at stores like Crate and Barrel, Bed Bath & Beyond, and of course Amazon. Just make sure it is adjustable and more important, that it has a splash guard. These are typically acrylic and the best ones are over sized for better protection. Ours was perfect.

Of course you can't use the iPad's surface without touching it. But again, this is the same for a recipe book. If you need to change the page (or the movie), wash those hands and raise that splash guard again when you are done.

I think the iPad would clean up easily from some errant spatters with its milled aluminum fitted back and glass front. It is probably reasonably kitchen safe anyway, but I'd hate to find a glob of sticky on it the next time I grabbed it.

So get yourself a cookbook stand and go iGourmet!

This is Theo APPLYING TECHNOLOGY in tasty new ways.

Ref: Google search for cookbook stand

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